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Notice of Special Election

View the Notice of Special Election to be conducted by mail ballot for the Meridian Ranch Metropolitan District 2018 Subdistrict.

Highlights from the Meridian Ranch Newsletter

Children at Meridian Ranch

Meridian Ranch Newsletter

View the Meridian Ranch Newsletter, "The View from Meridian Ranch", May, 2019 Edition.

May, 2019, The View from Meridian Ranch Newsletter

Frequently Asked Questions

Water Treatment at Meridian Ranch
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Board of Directors Meetings

The Board of Directors for the Meridian Ranch Metropolitan District, along with the Meridian Service Metropolitan District meets monthly on the first Wednesday of the month following the first Tuesday of the month. The meetings start at 10:00 Am and are held at 10301 Angeles Road.

See the current board meeting schedule for any changes to the meeting date, time, or place. Meeting information will also be posted at the recreation center.

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