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Recreation Center

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Meridian Ranch was created by GTL Development, Inc. (the Developer) as a Recreation and Golf Course community. [READ MORE: Tour the Community]

Antler Creek Golf Course

The Antler Creek Golf Course was designed by the Developer to be an integral part of the master planned community of Meridian Ranch. [READ MORE: Antler Creek]

Meridian Ranch Newsletter

View the Meridian Ranch Newsletter, "The View from Meridian Ranch", October, 2019 Edition.

October, 2019, The View from Meridian Ranch Newsletter

Meridian Ranch Recreation Center Survey

Meridian Ranch is planning for the expansion of the existing Meridian Ranch Recreation Center site and for a new recreation center on Rainbow Bridge Drive across from the Fox Point Trail.

Owners are asked to participate in a survey to help direct the expansion plans.

Meridian Ranch Recreation Center Survey

Meridian Service Metropolitan District


Meridian Ranch, Summer Flowers

Meridian Service Metropolitan District (the District) was established in 2000 to provide the master planned community of Meridian Ranch with dependable water, wastewater, storm-water, parks, trails and recreational amenities. The District is dedicated to ensuring that the services we provide and maintain, now and in the future, are of the highest quality for Meridian Ranch residents and business owners to enjoy.

This website offers residents and business owners information about the District's programs and services within the community. The Meridian Ranch development consists of 2,650 acres and, at full build-out, a proposed 4,000 residential units, four schools, a golf course and commercial property. Currently, Meridian Ranch consists of 2,000 developed residential units, the Meridian Ranch Elementary School, the Falcon High School, the Antler Creek Golf Course, CreekView Grill, six neighborhood parks, 15.6 miles of trails and parkways, the Recreation Center and the Lodge at Stonebridge. For more information on the Meridian Ranch development, please visit the developer website at

Meridian Ranch is located in a southwestern, semi-arid climate zone. We believe it is extremely important that all citizens are informed of the many options and challenges that come with providing clean water as well as attractive park and trail landscaping. The District is dedicated to keeping the water affordable, streetlights lit, parks clean, and wastewater discharge environmentally safe. But, we need everyone's help. By all of us being good stewards of our wonderful amenities, the Meridian Ranch community will continue to flourish for decades to come.

Together, let's make that happen.

Metro District Offices

Meridian Ranch Office at the Shops at Meridian Ranch

The District office is located at The Shops at Meridian Ranch at the northeast corner of Meridian Road and Stapleton Drive.

The offices at The Shops provide a visible point of contact for water, wastewater and storm-water emergencies that may arise from time to time. The Districtís utility billing is processed by our management company, Community Resource Services (CRS), in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

Meridian Service
Metropolitan District
Administrative & Operations

11886 Stapleton Drive
Falcon, CO 80831
(719) 495-6567
Business Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Meridian Service
Metropolitan District

7995 E. Prentice Ave, Suite 103-E
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
(719) 495-5152
Business Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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Board of Directors Meetings

The Board of Directors for the Meridian Ranch Metropolitan District, along with the Meridian Service Metropolitan District meets monthly on the first Wednesday of the month following the first Tuesday of the month. The meetings start at 10:00 Am and are held at 10301 Angeles Road.

See the current board meeting schedule for any changes to the meeting date, time, or place. Meeting information will also be posted at the recreation center.

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